Thank you for joining us in prayer for these needs, remembering “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16b NKJV)

Jesus said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19 NKJV)


Please pray for my 46-year-old brother Lloyd. He is in severe pain, and cannot sleep. He was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Also, he just finished all the testing including the biopsy report, and will see his oncologist today. Please pray that the results will be better than predicted and that it will be highly treatable. Please pray he is able to eat and put some weight back on. God can do anything. In Jesus’ name. Amen. – Michelle

Our dear sister in Christ was mowing by her pond, she and the mower went into the pond. The mower pinned her under water for about a half hour. She is in serious condition in the hospital. Please help us pray for her total healing in Jesus’ name. – Betty

Please pray for a good report from an upcoming test on my kidneys. Thank you so very much for your prayers, and may God bless you! – Lorna

Please pray for the restoration of my eyesight. I used some eyedrops back in June, and ever since my eyesight has not been right. I can’t see my children’s faces clearly, my vision is extremely blurred. The doctors are telling me my eyes are healthy from what they can see. When I look out of my eyes it’s like fog and something is blocking it. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I still have a young son to raise and it’s taking a toll on my life. I can’t be as active as I was before, and I’m depressed all the time. I am praying for God’s healing not just for my sake, but the sake of being able to raise my child. Please pray for a breakthrough real soon. I am a nurse, I need to work and to be able to support myself. I have zero income, please pray for miraculous healing. God bless you and amen. – Katika


I want to praise God that some of my family members and my girlfriend no longer need to have surgery. – Shelby

I want to praise and thank my God that my son was protected in a recent robbery at the bank where he works. I also praise God that all bank employees are safe. – Rita

I want to thank God that I was protected yesterday in a car wreck. – Mechelle


A deer hit my car and damaged it quite a bit. I only have liability insurance because of the age of my car. Please pray for me, I know God is an awesome God! – Stephanie

Pray for us, that we will be able to take care of Kenneth. – Russell and Judy


I am requesting prayer for me to get full custody of my great-grandson, in the juvenile appeals court. Please pray for the Lord to give my attorney supernatural wisdom and knowledge to defend me. My great-grandson is in a dangerous environment. Please pray for his protection. Thank you, and God bless your prayer team. – Anonymous

Please pray for my son who is facing a court appearance tomorrow. Pray that everything will go smoothly. God bless. – Migdalia


Please pray for our November 13th, 20th anniversary event. It has been postponed since April 2020, due to the virus. Pray that it is a successful, well attended fundraiser, with all featured talent appearing. Pray that our expenses are covered, and that the kids and fans leave happy. The delay could ruin us for good. – Dan

I need God to change my life. – Willie

I would like to finish my novels this month. I would also like to find an online job, and make three godly friends outside of my family circle. I need deliverance from an abusive homelife and other situations. Please pray for me. – Felix


Please pray for the salvation of my daughters. – Kim

Please pray for the salvation of my family, Pauline, Joe, George and Cindy. – James

I am raising my grandchildren. Please pray for their salvation and protection. – Connie


Please Pray for all those spouses, family members, & loved ones who care for chronically ill loved ones. Pray for peace, assurance, faithfulness in doing good while Trusting God. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Brother Dave’s precious wife Wanda who has cancer in both breasts & is finishing round of chemo. Pray for healing, wholeness, deliverance & peace in Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Brother Elisha & his team as they share The Gospel Of Jesus Christ in remote villages many who have never heard The Name Of Jesus. Pray for provision in all ways, protection, grace & mercy In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Brother Phillipe’s precious wife who has covid & in in isolation. Pray for peace, deliverance, healing & wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Maki & her precious family. Brother Dennis, we all have Covid here. My grandbaby Conrad my sons Fletcher and Aubrey Dan and me, Aubrey and I were both vaccinated and at least until this point it seems like we are having a lighter case of it than the other three. I covet your prayers And the prayers of your prayer warriors. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Maggie who has severe lingering affects from covid infection. Pray for deliverance, healing, & wholeness in Jesus’ Name. – Sister Janet & Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Vera’s son Gary who is diabetic with heart trouble requiring bypass surgery. Pray for peace, healing, & wholeness in Jesus’ Name. – Sister Janet & Brother Dennis   

Please Pray for Evelyn who has severe health problems due to heavy alcohol consumption for long time. She just turned 60 & her body can’t take it anymore. We Love Evelyn & want God’s Best for her just as He does. Play for salvation, deliverance, healing, & wholeness in Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis, Tony, & Melinda

Please Pray for Ginger who had surgery in one of her eyes due to retina damage. She is also care provider for her Husband with liver cancer. She needs healing, wholeness, & peace In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Lillie who struggles daily from satanic oppression in an ongoing attempt to divert her focus off of God’s Word. Pray that Lillie receives Rhema Of The Power Of The Word Of God: “And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death.” – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Granny Evelyn who is elderly, has covid, in rehab facility & very weakened by this sickness. Pray for her family, friends, & loved ones. She needs healing, wholeness, & peace In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for New Believers worldwide as Revivals are happening as Holy Spirit Fires Burn around the world. We just saw 60,294 lost souls turn to Faith In Jesus & Born-Again By God’s Power!!! Pray that each New Believer will begin Discipleship to learn what it really means to Follow Jesus Christ!!! – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Blake’s Precious Mother Jan who is elderly that fell and broke her hip. She will require surgery which is a problem due to blood issues. Her precious son & family need God’s Peace That Passes Understanding. She needs healing, wholeness, & peace In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Pastor Evans Precious Wife Sharon who is hospitalized after a terrible accident on the road while taking children to school. Sharon has broken bones so she needs healing, wholeness, & peace In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Brother Bob’s precious niece who lives in Michigan and she’s in the hospital presently. She is bleeding a lot and they can’t get it stopped. They have found two aneurysms in her stomach and her colon may be perforated. Pray for healing, wholeness, & peace In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Kim, Beloved Wife Of Matthew. The retina in her left eye is trying to detach which would result in blindness. Pray for God’s Healing Touch on Kim’s eyes, Peace That Passes Understanding in her heart & Matthew’s & Wholeness In Jesus’ Name. Brother Dennis 

Please Pray for my Great Aunt Loree’s Daughter Margie who is elderly and doctors believe she will pass soon. Pray for her family, friends, & loved ones as they gather to say farewell to The Precious Margie as she goes home to be with The Lord Jesus. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Brother Jerry & Brother Matt as they travel to Minister The Love Of God in music & By God’s Word. Each of these Brothers Serve The Lord daily in various ways. They are both Psalmists, singer/songwriters with God’s Anointing. – Brother Dennis 

Please Pray for Diane, Precious Wife Of Greg. She is fighting covid infection at home in TN while Greg is hospitalized with covid in TX. These Dear Ones & their Precious Children are in fulltime Christian Music Ministry. Pray that the Children are Supernaturally Protected from sickness and that Diane & Greg are fully healed, delivered, & Whole In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Marie who is elderly & lives alone since her Husband passed away several months ago. Marie passed out yesterday in a restaurant rest room, was rushed to hospital with dangerously low blood pressure caused by extremely low potassium levels in her blood stream. Pray that Marie will remember & take necessary steps to keep her potassium levels up In Jesus’ Name. – Janet

Please Pray for David & Liz as David has just been placed into hospice and not expected to be with us here much longer. David has firm Faith In The Blood Of Jesus, both he & Liz have spent many years Ministering Jesus to many including major Children’s Ministry. Pray for God’s Peace That Passes Understanding In Jesus’ Name. Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Rita who has severe case of COPD, is in Assisted Living Facility & her Roommate has tested positive for covid. Unsure if Rita’s lungs can handle covid infection, so Pray for her protection from infection & Roommate’s healing, deliverance, & wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Melinda

Please Pray for Dan & Maki who say, No COVID or ANY variant of COVID. VERY, VERY, VERY SICK past 12 days with parainfluenza I, II, III, IV sub varieties A & B. Pray for healing, deliverance, & wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Patsy (on the ventilator) husband Roger (released from the hospital and home with covid) Carol and Kenneth (both covid pneumonia Carol possibly on bipap). Pray for healing, deliverance, & wholeness In Jesus Name. – Melinda 

Please Pray for Brother Greg & Family who traveled to Texas to Minister The Love Of God to people and caught covid & now is hospitalized in Texas. Greg needs healing and this Precious Family is in fulltime Christian Ministry so during this period of sickness will need loads of Christian Love & Support to carry on In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Blake as he has traveled to Louisiana to help people with the hurricane storm damage. Pray that he will be used to shine The Light Of God’s Love to all that he encounters In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Dawn’s Daughter, Allie & her newborn baby, Hazlyn as they both have tested positive for covid. Pray for Salvation from the curse of sin, healing, deliverance, & wholeness In The Lord Jesus. – Diane

Please Pray for Tony who is scheduled for surgery and being hit by the devil from many sides with accusations & lies designed to discourage Tony & make him fearful. Pray that Tony keeps his eyes focused upon The Lord Jesus, The Word Of God, so he may live in The Peace Of God In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Momma Mac who had emergency surgery during the night for ruptured aneurism. She is now in ICU on life support and unknown how her kidneys have done during this severe trauma. Pray for healing for her and peace for her family, friends, & loved ones. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Wanda’s Son Daniel & Family, their children caught covid in school & now Wanda’s Son The Daddy has high grade fever for several days leaving overwhelming task of caring for sick children & husband upon The Mommy / Wife Ashley. – Wanda

Please Pray for Emelie’s Son who thought that he might have covid so he went to ER. He was admitted to hospital due to a different ailment. Pray for God’s Peace, Healing, & Wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Janet

Please Pray for Afghan Christians, they are the 2nd fastest growing Christian Church in the world and the Taliban hates them & wants to kill them all. Pray For God’s Supernatural Hand Of Protection As Described By Psalm 91 In Jesus’ Name. – Muriel

Please Pray for all of The Revivals In America & Worldwide As Holy Spirit Moves Upon People’s Hearts In Powerful Ways To Bring Conviction Of Sin With The Revelation Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Rick who is struggling with severe pain related to his battle with liver cancer. Pray for healing & wholeness in Jesus’ Name. Also Pray for his Wife & Children as they seek to help & comfort Rick. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Linda, My Precious Sister who had open heart bypass surgery due to 100% blockage and now that surgery is over has pneumonia & needs healing & wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Cindy who has multiple physical ailments, recent car wreck victim, & struggles with ongoing bitterness, & unforgiveness. Pray for breakthrough in Cindy’s Walk With The Lord, Victory, Peace, Healing, & Wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Carol’s Unborn Grandchild who has life threatening issue that will require emergency c-section birthing & extensive life-support Doctor’s are saying. Pray For God’s Supernatural Healing Touch That He May Get All Honor, Praise, & Glory so that all who know Will Glorify His Precious Holy Name & This Child’s Life Bring Great Testimony Of God’s Great Love In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Janet who is being scheduled for extensive medical testing of many types on her liver due to some earlier blood test results. Pray that The Word Of God Jesus Christ remains in Janet’s mind & heart clearly as having already healed her & that she live, move, breathe, & have her very being In The Lord Jesus. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Peggy who is elderly, lives alone in a rural setting & suffers ongoing sicknesses of many types. Also Pray for all those who are lonely due to isolation for various reasons. Pray for healing, victory, & wholeness In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for all those who carry deep wounds from childhood or adult hurts they have not been able to let go of. To hold on keeps them in bondage & they need the Freedom that only comes as they Forgive those who have hurt them In Jesus’ Name. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Melinda Kaye, her Family Members, Co-Workers, & Families as their lives have been threatened by a known mentally unstable man. Pray For Safety & Peace. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Greg who is grieving the loss of several Family Members & Pray for all those suffering great loss from the death of Loved Ones. – Janet

Please Pray for all those who are being given personal invitations to become KONKRETE Colleagues to join us in this Epic Opportunity To Follow God’s Vision For HOPE IN THE BODY OF CHRIST WORLDWIDE. – Brother Dennis

Please Pray for Jeff who is in the middle of launching a Major Christian Ministry while dealing with loss of Grandchild, hurting Daughter & Family. – Dennis

Please Pray for the teams who are traveling the world to rescue victims of human trafficking & move them to safety. – Tim

Please pray for Toby, who is 18. He is having seizures. He is going to a specialist this week to try and find some help. The doctors do not seem to be able to find the problem. – Rita

Please keep Cherie in your prayers. She has just come through chemotherapy for a brain tumor. We are believing that this is her turning point and whatever medically needs to be provided that the doctors would have the wisdom that they need. We are trusting God fully for her recovery and complete healing. – Renee

My niece, Christina, lost her sister on Monday. She was murdered. Pray for God to please touch her and her beautiful mom. The pain is unbearable. Four children are left behind. God comfort all of them. – Alicia

Please pray for Rubena. She has had three major diseases this year and her body is very weak. Her husband died and they had no children so she is alone and very depressed. – Deb

Please pray for me. My wife has decided she is happier living by herself with the kids. My step-children won’t talk to me and probably would not care if I was lost at sea. I am scared of my bosses and my workplace. My mother hasn’t spoken to me in twenty years and my father, who is a Christian, is against the church and acts like he is the only one going to Heaven. Everyone in my life seems busy and I am alone in an empty house with my dog. I wanted a wife and a family and I am stuck with a wife who is moving on without me. I don’t want to die alone with my dog as my only companion. I feel like I really am lost at sea. – Benjamin


Father God, we need you to protect our nation. Please expose those who are trying to destroy this wonderful country. We thank you Father, and love you in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Renee

Please pray for my friends who are labor union workers. It is looking like some of the unions are going to require their members to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep their jobs. Please pray this does not happen. Thank you. – Anonymous

Pray for the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti. – Anonymous

Please pray for all of our law enforcement officers and first responders. Pray that God will keep them safe from harm and that His hedge of protection will be around them. Pray that they don’t all lose their jobs. – Bethany

Pray for the United States to get the budget problem worked out so we won’t have to endure another government shutdown. Pray for the safety of our people and for God’s will to be done in this country. Amen! – Anonymous

Pray for all of our veterans and active-duty military who have served this great nation. Thank you, God, for their bravery and their strength. Lord, continue to bless them as they go through this difficult time. – Anonymous

Father God, we need you to make a miracle happen in the USA. We love you Father God and your Son, Jesus. – Renee


But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding. (Job 32:8 NIV)