Good Day To Get Washed

The following is Elsie’s story. She is doing her laundry, and her considering religion & relationship.

 Mary of Bethany who had been going through the motions of religion until Jesus rescued her from a life of sin. Now, Mary offered Jesus her most precious gift—an alabaster box with anointing perfume, which was her dowry. As she did so, her tears fell upon her Master’s feet, which she wiped clean with her hair. No longer was Mary content to go through the motions of lifeless religion; rather, she was devoted to Jesus with every ounce of her being. 

“She hath washed my feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head.” Luke 7:44

Mary loved Jesus! She would follow Him even to the cross. Mary believed Jesus would give His life on the cross, so she anointed Him for burial ahead of time with her best gift—the anointing oil—with the hopes also that He would rise again.

Elsie thought about the twelve disciples. All except Judas were devoted. They were willing to give up their livelihoods to follow their master. She felt she must be just as committed to prioritizing her time with Jesus. She thought about others who had invited Jesus into their homes or had in other ways sacrificed to honor Him. These early Christians were devoted. She must do the same.

“Then Peter said, Lo, we have left all, and followed thee.” Luke 18:28

Elise set her Bible on the stand.

“My Jesus,” she whispered, “am I going through the motions with my religious ways? Am I focusing my attention on You when I read Your Word? Do I have the gratitude of Mary when I sit at Your feet? Remake me, Lord. Help me to recognize You paid the ultimate price—that of death on a cross—in order to forgive me as You did these. The least I can give You is a heart wholly devoted to You. Create in me the heart of a worshiper.”

Gently, almost imperceptive at first, the rain of the Holy Spirit began to descend upon Elise. The washer buzzed, but Elise stayed seated. Why? It was “Wash Day,” and the Lord was answering Elise’s heartfelt prayer. A song of praise and thanksgiving, as well as peace unfettered, saturated Elise’s humble heart. She sang into the evening, and then, stillness permeated her soul. In the silence, Elise felt the empowerment of her Savior as never before.

It was Wash Day, and Elise had become a worshipper.

Precious Lord Jesus, I Pray that You wash over me with Your love. Reign in my heart each day. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen.