Saved By The Word Of God

Brant’s story is a dramatic example of the power of God’s Word to change lives, even in desperate circumstances. You are part of his testimony through your prayers and gifts to get Scriptures to people in great spiritual need.

“If God can save someone like me, He can save anyone. I thought everything was going fine. My wife and I were married for 19 years and had two sons. I got a construction job working out of town, and things quickly went downhill.

While on a job, I reconnected with a former classmate from junior high. She said she was going through some difficult times and needed to talk to someone. I agreed to go to dinner with her, but that one conversation led to a motel room.

I went home and told my wife about the affair. She cried. I had broken her heart. I felt so ashamed and so dirty. She told our sons, and I could see the pain it caused them. I knew I was unworthy of such a good family. I decided I was going to commit suicide.
She Told Me She Had Been Praying for This-Praying for Us.

I walked into our bedroom and pulled my pistol from the bedside table. I sat down and put the barrel to my head, but a thought stopped me. I couldn’t shoot myself in our house with my family inside. I needed to go outdoors. I hid the gun in my pocket and walked past my wife through the front door.


As I did, the mailman dropped our mail into the mailbox, saw me and waved, then pulled into our driveway. He said he wanted to invite our family to his church the next morning. I tried to brush him off, saying that we might go. Then, he started pleading with me, ‘Please, please come to church.’ I thought of the gun in my pocket and told myself that I would just do it later.

I went back in the house and told my wife that we were going to church the next day. Again, she cried. She had been praying for this.


One Sunday, our pastor preached on John 3:16. When the invitation came, I sat frozen, white-knuckling the pew in front of me. Those words stayed with me as I left for another off-site job the next morning.

On my first night at the motel, I tried to find something on television, but I couldn’t settle. I heard something within me say, ‘Brant, there’s a Bible in that dresser drawer. I want you to go and get it.’ I pulled open the drawer and found a Bible and started reading.

I read in Luke 8:22–25 about Jesus calming the storm. I felt Jesus tell me, ‘Brant, if I can save these disciples from this fierce storm, I can certainly save you from your sins. Just yield unto Me.’ I placed the Bible on the bed and fell prostrate on the floor, weeping, and invited Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. He saved me from my sins that night, and I’ve never been the same.”

Brant later became a soul winner and shares the Gospel in a prison ministry. The Great Commission Coalition offers a unique structure that encourages spiritual growth and accountability in each man’s personal relationship with Christ. Our members are people from all walks of life who have an intentional focus on the objective of winning others to Christ.