I’m so confident God hears our prayers for America’s cleansing and restoration. The blood of Christ, His identification with us, and His substitutionary sacrifice are still speaking in Heaven – and they are louder than our sin. God loves America. He loves ALL sinners, everywhere. That’s who He was, is, and will always be: the Great Lover!

Pray with me: 

Father, we thank You for sending Christ to identify with our human condition, ultimately to the point of embracing our guilt and shame. He became our Scapegoat. Thank You for allowing our sin to be put on Him in order that we might receive forgiveness, cleansing, and Your righteousness. Such a merciful and compassionate plan is beyond kind, it is truly immeasurable love. 

We ask You now for this abundant and unfathomable love to be poured out once again in our land. We ask You for an enlightenment to people regarding their need of salvation, and for a revelation of who You are. May the light of the gospel penetrate the darkness covering our nation. It is not Your will that any should perish. We come into agreement with Your desires and release Your power into America to bring these things to pass. We ask for this in other nations, as well.

We ask You for powerful signs, wonders and miracles to begin across this land. Extraordinary miracles. We need these signposts that can point people to You. We need wonderment to be created in people, causing them to realize You are real – and You care about them. Heal the sick, deliver those who are bound and, yes, even raise the dead. Let history write that the greatest awakening in world history broke out in 2021. We ask for these things in the authority of Christ. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen.


We declare that the mercies of the Lord endure forever!