Pray with me: 

Father, we believe the bowls of prayer for America are full. There have been millions and millions of prayers over the past 30 years asking You for forgiveness to America, and for revival. We, Your people, have fulfilled 2 Chronicles 7:14. You never said unbelievers needed to fulfill this verse, that they had to stop sinning before You would heal the land. You said if YOUR people did these things, You would heal the land.

And I would also add, Father, that You have always been willing to respond to a remnant. You do not require all of Your people to do these things. In Your mercy, You have always been willing to bring restoration through the few. In fact, You have never done it any other way. We believe that now, You will do as You said, and heal our land. We are asking You for this spiritual healing.

We are asking You to cleanse us from the shedding of much innocent blood. We are asking You to heal our land of racism and division. We are asking You to heal us of unrighteous government. We are asking You to heal the younger generation from the humanism and atheism we have allowed to invade our nation. We ask You to tip the bowls of intercession and pour forth Your lightning into America.

We ask you to do this also in our churches. Bring Your fire. Bring power to the church once again. Most of all, may we be people of Your presence. Restore hunger for You. Light up the earth, Father, with the greatest outpouring of Your Spirit this planet has ever experienced. We believe this is coming and we will never give up. We will see it… because the appeal still works! In Jesus’ name we ask and decree these things. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the bowls of intercession in heaven are filled, and God is going to respond from heaven!