I am captured by the implications of the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem, over 2,000 years ago. Christians all over the world will be celebrating Palm Sunday. There will be rejoicing, singing, palm branches and great sermons. YES, we must remember these events that are part of our salvation story.

But today I am sitting quietly contemplating the context of Jesus’ “Triumphal Entry.” I remember that Jesus came on a mission to redeem the world. I remember that He knew everything. I remember that amidst the echo of the sounds of people, saying, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord,” He could already hear the voices of the mob shouting, “Crucify Him!.”

Jesus teaches us the COURAGE OF PURPOSE! He knew that He was facing betrayal, unspeakable suffering and ultimately death. But He came! He knew His purpose in providing total redemption for people. He knew the extent of God’s love even for those who would kill Him. That’s the kind of purpose that creates amazing courage.

Friend, when circumstances are difficult, when people are against you, when injustice and betrayal bruise you, remember YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. That purpose is to live as a royal child of God; to demonstrate the new life given to you through His sacrifice; and to reflect Him in this broken and cruel world.