Pray with me:

Father, we are deeply grieved at the intent of HR5 – the [In]Equality Act. This piece of legislation is an open door the enemy could walk through to bring great destruction. We are asking You to spare us from this threat. Lord, please stir up the body of Christ to pray, but also to take action. Motivate the pastors of America on this moral issue, Lord. Put an urgency in them to educate their congregations on this Bill and the issues involved. Stir them to join other pastors and ministry leaders in writing joint letters to their Senators. Give them boldness to rise up and take action to save the families and children in their congregations from the effect of this Bill. Cause the church to rise up, craft the messages for our Senators, and send them. Also, Lord, stir them to make phone calls. Stir us into action and save our nation.

And now, Lord, we take authority over this demonic plan. The church was asleep in the 60s when prayer was removed from our schools, and in the 70s when abortion was made the law of the land. But we will not sleep through this one. We bind every strategy of the enemy to pass and implement this Bill. We ask You, Father, for complete exposure of just how evil it is. We ask You for angels to help us win this battle by influencing pastors to take action and Senators to vote properly. We thank you for this help. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree: We bind the evil forces trying to pervert God’s creation of male and female through HR 5 – the [In]Equality Act.