10-31-21 Pray With Me

Father God, let your Ekklesia around this nation and world rise with great fire, passion, and purity. Realign us for a move of Holy Spirit on the earth like we’ve never seen before. Realign us for revival. Realign us to unseat the antichrist agendas and those who represent them, and replace them with the sons and daughters of God – locally, regionally, and nationally. Release Your power into the atmosphere of this nation and transform it. Realign culture and government through Your power. Release angel armies to accelerate Your kingdom. Restore geographical regions and territories to Your defining purpose. Bring new identity and great blessings to the regions.  

Father, accelerate Your grace on Your Ekklesia and validate that Your kingdom is among them. Let Your rule protect them and Your power sustain them. May Your presence fill them and Your glory surround them. We declare we will align and become who we are supposed to be.  

And Father, release miracles of realignment in our nation and in people’s lives throughout the earth. We decree realignment in the destiny of prodigals. Unwind twisted hearts and those who are bound in their souls. Let us see visible miracles and manifestations of Your power. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our Decree:  

We decree that God is redefining, realigning, and restoring His people, His Ekklesia, and our nation!