Dream God’s Dreams

Pray with me:

Father, we are often challenged to dream big dreams and pursue them with rigor and determination. Rarely, however, are we encouraged to dream with You. Most of Your kids have no idea that they were created to partner with You and Your dreams. What a tragedy!

Father, help us to step out of our small world of dreaming only for ourselves and connect with Your dreaming heart. Your dreams are about people, about rescuing them from a life of pain, purposelessness, and separation from You. You dream of healing broken hearts, freeing those oppressed, feeding hungry bodies, and liberating captives. Give us hearts that are willing to dream Your dreams.

And in this season, Father, we are dreaming with You of the great revival that has begun but is only in its infancy. We dream of and cry out for this – not so we can enjoy exciting church services, expand a religion or watch You perform powerful miracles. It is so You can rescue, deliver, and save a billion souls. It is so Your family can expand and become the multi-ethnic, multi-generational family You dream of. 

And Father, I pray now for all who are listening to me or reading this, that they will find and fulfill Your dreams for them. I pray for those who have stopped dreaming because of pain or disillusionment. I pray that You heal them of all hope-deferred and renew in them a dreaming heart. I pray for those who have been wounded, abused, or cast aside. I pray for those whose life has been dealt painful or debilitating blows. I pray for their healing now. Touch them by the power of Holy Spirit and transform them. And if they need help in receiving this healing I pray that they find the person who can guide them into it. And I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Our decree:

I decree an awakening is coming to our dreaming nature so we will once again, dream His dreams.