Revival Fires Are Burning

Father, thank You for the arrows of Your deliverance coming to this nation. Thank You for the fires of revival that are beginning to burn. Thank You for re-opening the wells of revival from Red River Meeting House, Cane Ridge, Wales, Hebrides and elsewhere. This incredible outpouring of Your Spirit has begun.

Thank You for what You are doing in Modesto, California, and elsewhere. We thank You for Mario Murillo and many like him who contend for souls and have persevered in their evangelistic callings. We know, of course, this is not about one man, but it’s about You using Your people scattered everywhere. We thank You for the miracles that are occurring and the hundreds and hundreds of people being saved. Please continue this revival. Give them great, great favor and let the anointing intensify. Let it spread throughout California and to other parts of the nation.

We thank You for this. Bring more and more and more. Let America and the nations of the earth burn with holy fire! In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, amen. 

Our decree:

We decree that the wells of past revivals have been opened, the eagles have flown, the arrows have been released, and the fires of revival are now beginning to burn in the land.