Prophetic Word

This Is The Message

My Dearest Friend,

The Spirit of The Living God . . . that hovered about the waters before time, thinking about you before the world was created, The One who created star upon star, planet upon planet, and immeasurable galaxy upon galaxy, The One who formed you from tiny dust particles, and designed you down to the exact number of lines within your fingerprint, and imagined the sound of your laugh, and the nuance of your smile . . .  this One, who moves like lighting through the infinite vastness of space, beyond, but within time, and rumbles with earth shattering thunder as he searches the darkest depths of the sea, and scales the highest peaks on the planet, and ROARS across the oceans of the earth… to rescue us from the wicked, evil, pedophile who dared capture, rape, torture, and enslave the innocence of our souls. 

It is Elohiem, Yaweh, Adonai, The One who is with fury, and blazing eyes, and endless Love in His Heart, like a parent having lost their child, He is looking for His Little Ones who have been taken. He does not sleep. He searches for you in the darkness, the filthy pits and dungeons, where you are tormented beyond words in the depths of your soul. He knocks, He whispers, He shouts, and He weeps. Like a rescue worker after a mammoth tragedy, He listens for a breath beneath the rubble, a sound, a movement, for a hand reaching out, or for the ones having given up all hope of ever being found. He weeps over the destruction. God is committed to the point of giving up His Own Life to find YOU.

The Message is that He is looking for YOU! He wants all of you, your heart, your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. God’s Love for you can not change.

The Great Spirit of The Living, All Powerful Creator of the heavens and the earth, who knows you from the smallest molecule in your body to the shape of your face, and who even knows your name – your first, and your last name. The Message is that He is pursuing you, your thoughts, your heart, your inner being.  The Almighty God left an eternal realm of unimaginable beauty, to rescue you form the grip of grotesque evil, and give you His Very Breath, and everything that He owns, so that your heart is filled with as much Joy as His, and that your being is engulfed with as much Love as His, and that your mind is at rest with as much Peace as His, and so you can be together, and never again from the safety of His Personal Presence.

To be found with you, to be fully Loved, to be completely known without words, that is His Desire for you, his long lost child hiding in the darkness, in the shame, and the fear, huddled somewhere outside The Garden.  THAT is The Message. This is our God. This is our FATHER! ABBA!

Keep Looking To Jesus!!!