11-14-21 PRAY WITH ME

“We need one another so much! The words ‘one accord’ are mentioned 11 times in the book of Acts. Remember, that’s when Christians together ‘turned the world upside down’ for Jesus (Acts 17:6).

“Together we can do so much. “A threefold cord is not quickly broken,” (Ecclesiastes 4:12). One cord made up of three strands is 100 times stronger than just one strand.”

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for sending Christ to redeem the human race. Jesus, thank You for becoming human to save us. We cannot grasp this level of love. You will forever be the God-man. And thank You both for wanting our friendship this much.

We press into Your nature in our hearts. We want to love the way You love. We want to serve the way You serve, experience the level of commitment to one another You modeled for us. The gospel is, in reality, a person. You are the good news!

And we anchor our faith in this love. This is why the great awakening is coming – because You will not be denied Your inheritance. So we boldly ask for this revival now, a revival that will usher in 1 billion more hungry people into Your family. It will not be stopped! Demons will not stop it. Godless people will not stop it. Political parties won’t stop it. False religions won’t stop it. You are coming to save! America shall be saved. Other nations shall be saved. You are the Savior and You will win. In Jesus’ Name We Pray, Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that love will win. Hands-down, no doubts, guaranteed, love will win.