Pray with me:

Father, we want to dream Your dreams for our lives, our families, nations and the entire world. The dream in You was so powerful that it cost You the incarnation and the Cross. We are grateful that You enable and lead us to dream human dreams regarding accomplishments and those we love, but we ask You to also elevate us to dreaming God-dreams, as well.

Today we dream with You for worldwide harvest. We dream of those who are broken being healed. We dream of the oppressed going free, homes being healed, lives being restored, and eternal destiny‘s rescued. We in America dream of the time our destiny is restored and we are a nation that once again honors You and partners with You. We declare and decree that this is coming and will not be stopped. And we do so in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the church will release the imaginative and creative power of God into their lives and realms of influence, partnering with Him to change their world.