Hear The Word Of God

GODS WORD 8-15-23

Dear One,

How’s your week going? I pray you’ve been well.

Today I have a special word on my heart to share with all of our Grace Legacy Builders! And I’m sharing it with you because I know it will bless you too.

Let’s start with a question. What does good success look like to you?

The world often defines success as achieving greatness in the marketplace, outdoing others, or amassing wealth. While those things aren’t necessarily bad, sometimes they come at a cost—like our health, family, and relationships. That’s not what I’d call good success.

The Lord wants to give you good success in every aspect of life. Would you like to know how?

There’s a surprisingly simple key to unlocking good success in every area . . . and that’s meditating on God’s Word.

Continue to be diligent in whatever!

your hand finds to do, but know this:

As you meditate on God’s Word Day and night,

it will make your way prosperous.

and you will have good success (Josh 1:8).

One way to do that is by taking a portion of Scripture and muttering it under your breath as you go about your day. You can also listen to anointed sermons while you’re on your way to work.

To help you get started, we’re gifting you a special mini e-book containing prayer cards that you can use to meditate on. I pray it’ll be a blessing to you and your loved ones!

The more you fill your mind with the Word, the more you’ll notice your life flourishing—in your health, career, finances, relationships, parenting, and so much more!

To my cherished Builders and friends, know that I am always for your success and always praying for you. In the week ahead, may you be positioned at the right place, at the right time, and enjoy the sweet presence of the Lord wherever you go.

Declaring your week to be filled with the joy of the Lord,

Keep Looking To Jesus!!!