Hear The Word Of God

GODS WORD 9-24-23

Were you blessed by last week’s service?

In that sermon, Pastor Prince reminded us from 1 Peter 1:5–8 that even though we may face trials and tough times, we can still greatly rejoice in the midst of them because we are in Christ!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s service, as Pastor Prince continues to expound on the true meaning of life and how we can live it to the fullest in a message titled, Live Life Above the Sun (September 17, 2023)*. Hear powerful truths from the Song of Songs about God’s heart for us to see Jesus and His love for us every day.

So, join us tomorrow and discover how our Lord Jesus is the answer to our search for meaning in life. Also, if you know someone who needs to be encouraged by the Word, invite them to tune in together too!

See you tomorrow!