Prophetic Word


Blessed Tuesday! I pray you started your day feeling rested and refreshed.

Even if it hasn’t started well, know that the Lord’s unmerited favor and mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22–23).

Now, there’s an eye-opening revelation I want to share, one that the Lord showed me years ago.

This revelation has got to do with . . . plants! To be specific, its roots.

Naturally, if you’re growing a plant and it starts to wither, it would be unwise to nourish and restore the leaves, for that’s not where the problem lies. To resolve the issue, you’d have to go after its root! Similarly, when dealing with any problem in our own lives, we want to get to its root.

Scientific research has shown that stress and fear are the deeper causes of many issues like financial lack, health challenges, and destructive habits. But did you know that the deepest root isn’t stress or fear?

The deepest root of all is . . . condemnation.

My friend, if you’re going through a rough patch and feel like you’re a million miles away from God, you need to know that He doesn’t see your faults or failures. He sees you through the lens of grace! Watch this to discover why.

As you continue to root yourself in Christ’s deep and personal love for you, you’ll experience your life restored to wholeness and victory in every area.

May you be deeply rooted in His love,