Prophetic Word


Do you find it a challenge to get back up again when you make mistakes or fall back into bad habits?

As a child of God, it’s important to remember that your shortcomings and moments of weakness don’t define you.

Hear more about this foundational truth at service tomorrow as Pastor Prince preaches this message: Own Your New Creation Identity (May 8, 2022)*. When you own your true identity as the righteousness of God in Christ, you will begin to overcome sinful thoughts and habits, and effortlessly live a life that glorifies Jesus!

Don’t forget to stick around after service because we’re having our Digital Care Group session right after! Our pastors and leaders from GRC Online will be talking about the benefits of praying in the Spirit. Discover this powerful gift from the Lord that builds you up and guides you in your daily life. KEEP LOOKING TO JESUS!!!

We pray for all of you daily